Northern Pacific Railway Museum

Education Program



The Yakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum Association was incorporated to promote the preservation, display and operation of railroad equipment.  The primary objective is for the education of the public regarding the importance of the railroad to our history and the ongoing role of transportation in our infrastructure.  We are very proud of the many tours and charters that we have been able to provide for participating schools.  

Our program features guided tours of the Northern Pacific Railway Museum.  An  Operation Lifesaver Program on railroad safety is presented and all students receive  take-home activities. 

Educational tours usually begin with an Operation Lifesaver presentation.


Most education tours include a short train ride in our passenger coach.


A typical tour component will include a tour of a caboose and a few stories about their usage and why they disappeared from modern trains.


Most kids have never seen a caboose, much less have the opportunity to get into the cupola and ride there depending on the tour chosen.


A close up view and explanation of a steam engine helps children to learn about railroading one hundred years ago.


Our pump car gives kids a hands on experience on the railroad and is a highlight of the tour for most kids.

A unique combination tour package is offered in conjunction with Wild West Tours.  This includes a driver narrated wagon tour of the  historic Toppenish murals and a guided tours of the American Hop Museum and the railroad museum.  Railroad park is adjacent to the museum and offers a very pleasant area for picnicking.  Rates vary pending items included with the tours.

Contact the Education Director , Mary O'Dell, (509) 877-3894, for rates and scheduling.


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