Northern Pacific Railway Museum: Virtual tour


Northern Pacific Railway Museum:  Located in the old 1911 Northern Pacific depot in Toppenish, Washington.  




Ticket Windows:  The ticket window in the old depot was restored to show it as it was when passengers used it long ago.  Included is the Northern Pacific Mount Rainier National Park painting which once hung above the ticket window in the Yakima depot.






Telegrapher's Office:  The telegrapher's office has been restored to its 1930's appearance.  When the depot was abandoned by the railroad the scissors telephone, telegraph sounders and other materials were removed, but the telegrapher's desk was left intact.  As these artifacts were replaced, many were screwed right back into the original screw holes.




Passenger Waiting Room:  Three of the original passenger waiting room benches were left in the depot and have been restored.  The rest of the waiting room contains an assortment of early railroad memorabilia.






Pullman Display:  The Pullman display recreates first class railroad travel at the turn of the century.  Those that could afford it were able to spend the day in a small compartment somewhat isolated from the rest of the passengers.  At night the conductor would be called and the Pullman berth was lowered from its retracted position.  The seats were converted into their nighttime configuration and passengers had private sleeping quarters.  Our display shows an authentic berth with the upper bunk lowered.  It has been installed in a simulated railroad car.  The display also includes two original observation car seats and other authentic artifacts to complete the scene.



Northern Pacific Uniform Display:  The uniform display includes the conductor and a dining car waiter.  Their uniforms are displayed on mannequins to replicate the personnel who gave superior service on the railroads of yesterday.







Northern Pacific China Display:  The museum has an extensive display of Northern Pacific Railway dining car china.  Most is of 1950 vintage but a few pieces are representative of other eras.




Railway Express Agency Room:  The original REA room was separated from the rest of the depot by a brick firewall.  A door has been cut through this wall allowing the visitor to enter the room through the main depot.  The room has otherwise been retained close to its original configuration and filled with many old pieces left from the days of the REA.




.Maintenance of Way: Included in the museum are numerous artifacts relating to the maintenance of railroad right of way.  Our velocipede has been repainted to represent the one which was used at Toppenish from the turn of the century until about 1950.  It was initially used for track inspection and later used to refill the kerosene signal lamps throughout the Toppenish railroad yard.  We have an Adams Motorcar and several Fairmont motorcars on display.  Numerous artifacts help to show the tools of the many railroaders who worked in the community





Northern Pacific Freight House:    When the current passenger depot was built in 1911, the old depot was moved to this site to serve as a freight house.  In 1929 the old wooden building burned to the ground.  Within months a brick and steel freight house was built on the same site.  After many years of service, it was abandoned until acquisition by the YVR&S in 1992.  Since then it has been converted into an engine house for the restoration of NP steam engine #1364.  Electrical wiring was replaced and the building was heated and insulated. Rail was laid into the east end of the building.  #1364 was moved into the building in February of 2001 and its restoration is proceeding there.




Northern Pacific Section House:  Located across the track from the depot yard is the old section house built in about 1900.  This section house was donated to the YVR&S by Joe Bradley who was the last NP section foreman to live in the house.  The house is currently being leased to one of our members who acts as the watchman for our many artifacts.  Since the house serves as a residence it is not open for tour.


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