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The cab is very spartan. There are a few basic controls and  some storage space.  The original coal stove has been replaced with a diesel stove and fuel tank.


sp7.jpg (58K) The blades are controlled with pneumatic cylinders. These basic controls are all that are necessary. The middle lever controls the front blade and smaller side blades. The other levers are for the main blades.

sp5.jpg (31K)
Left rear of the cab. A lot of the wood is rotted and will need replacing.

The stove and fuel tank are in the right rear of the cab. These will be removed and an original NP caboose stove installed. sp6.jpg (35K)

sp8.jpg (27K)
The windows had been bolted shut. Normally they would slide open and shut. When the frames were removed,  the pulley's for the windows were still there, but the counter weights had been removed.

sp18.jpg (41K) Here's a view of the back of the cab. The power connection is in the upper left and the fuel tank fill is on the right. The small door provides access to storage under the cab.

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