What is the progress of the 1364?  This is the most asked question on the phone and emails.   This page will be updated every time we make a step closer to having it running.

The operating pressure of this boiler on the 1364 is 200 psi.  As a result any boiler operating over 5 psi must be certified by a hydrostatic test.  This involves filling the boiler with water, heating it to 100 degrees F, Then the boiler is pressurized to 220 psi., 10% above normal operating pressure.  This process is much safer than steaming it to the same pressure.  Once we are convinced there are no steam leaks we call in an independent inspector, the Federal Railway Administration to independently retest and certify our inspection..  Incidentally the Northern Pacific according to maintenance records hydrotested every 3 months.

Presently we are still patching leaks from the results of our hydrotests and when we are satisfied with our testing we can then proceed to the next step.  Once FRA certified we can then install the superheater tubes, test, and we are running.  As we are all involved in  Toy Train Christmas there will be only a little bit of work done in December

To learn more about boiler inspection click here. 

This page will be updated either monthly or when we pass our hydrotest.