Passenger Cars

Passenger service roughly 20% of total revenue received by the Northern Pacific.  Passenger service was lucrative enough to justify a separate kind of engine to pull the passenger train.  In the real old olden days the passenger train was just on the end of a freight.  That changed and the NP was buying Pullman Passenger cars.  There is a funny story about a freight passenger train in Grangeville ID where the parents found it was cheaper to ship their kid than buy a passenger ticket.   So they put a stamp on the kid and sent him to Lewiston ID.  Of course the kid rode in the caboose not the freight car.

The above bridge was built in 1883 and named the James J Hill Bridge.    It was the second bridge to cross the Mississippi and the only stone bridge still surviving.   In addition it is the only stone bridge built by J J Hill and the only bridge that he allowed to be named after him.  Please click on the video below to learn more about this bridge.

An example of the Lowery color scheme on Northern Pacific passenger cars

Passengers being hauled toward Toppenish.  Picture was taken in the Union Gap (where the former Yakima City derived its new name). Date was before 1906.  Picture was obtained from the NP Teltale Facebook group

Click on the image below to see more of our passenger cars.  Presently we are negotiates to acquire and refurbish more cars.  I will add them as they become available to the public.

Spokane Club

588 Passenger Car