Possible reschedule in May - Contact Doug Shearer (509)-854-4159

Work History weekend is a 3 (sometimes 4) day event where members and other enthusiasts get together and use their talents to help restore the museum's antiquities.  However this is not the only goal; we come together to have a good time and share our interest in railroading.  Sometimes we even get some work done........actually a lot!  To the right we see a bunch of busy beavers making things happen.

For those who are out of town, accommodations can be arranged in advance, such as members opening up their homes or sleeping in a caboose or passenger car roomette.  RV connections are available on the property for those that have RVs.  Please respond ahead of time to reserve a spot.  Call Doug Shearer at 509 854 4159


(right) Bob Culp, Andy-Breeding, and Rob Meinert installing rebuilt suspension springs



Andy Breeding and Todd Fogelberg  installing suspension spring brackets.


A traditional itinerary of the weekend begins on Friday for those wanting to arrive early. Doug Shearer and Dave Pankey will be there to welcome the earlybirds.  Usually the “old-timers” give the new guests a tour of the facilities before settling into the projects of  their choice.  Toward the evening the “steam crew” arrives (they have daytime jobs).  The traditional dinner on WHweekend is El Porton, an authentic Mexican restaurant.  After  dinner many  go to Doug's house for an impromptu slide show.

Robert and Jane Fischer repainting the 1238 caboose

Jackie Cox touching up the lettering

Fred Fischer touching up around the lettering

Saturday we arrive around 9-ish and pick up where we left off.   This year's planed projects include:

  • finish work on the 1364.
  • finish work on the Army flatcar.
  • work on the Fageol.
  • Museum prep and cleanup for Toy Train Christmas
  • work  on the Mann McCann project
  • work on Spokane Club

Lunch is roughly around 11:30 to 12.  We usually find a place in town



(above) Rich Leach stenciling the tender

(right) Karl and Sue painting the #12

Jay Lewis painting a semaphore

Dave Sprau wiring up the signal cabinet.

Dave Sprau and Dennis Lee, Job well done


Laying track during Work History Weekend

Around 6 PM we start dinner.  The museum provides the meat for the main dish (usually a BBQ item) and local members potluck the rest of the main meal.  But the real treat is a desert which consists of an original NP dining car recipe provided by our hero, Mary O’Dell.  The history part of the weekend follows with a program covering some aspect of railroad or local/regional history that ties in to the railroad.    Past subjects have covered the switchback crossing of Stampede Pass, Wellington Disaster, historical pictures of the NP crossing the Cascades, historical depots, and the list goes on. For a more complete list click here.

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