The reference to “As It Appears Today” is the early 60s. The photographer is also the owner of the gas station pictured to the right . In the above picture the Toppenish Hotel is seen at the far right. It too like the West Hotel also burned. (date yet not confirmed)

Caption reads, “Looking north from depot toward intersection of East Toppenish Av. and North A St. .Burt Strum’s Book Store was next to the West Hotel in the space now occupied by the Toppenish Review Office. Moved from its original location, the old Stephenson Hall is at the far left. Authors note: The picture below left was taken in the early 60s. The building now in 2021 is a Thai restaurant and a small Mexican grocery store. The West Hotel burnt down in the 50s (aprox). Prior to the Toppenish Review taken over the building was a Doctor office owned by Dr. Shearer, the father of our charter member Dr. Doug Shearer

The West Hotel from E. Toppenish Av.

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