The museum is run on a seasonal basis from May 1 to October 15 plus special events.  Our hours are  Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm.  If workers are present on other days, including the off-season, docent tours can be accommodated.  Special visits can be arranged ahead of time by calling (509) 854-4159 to speak to Doug or emailing us.

The 1911 depot-museum was in very poor condition when the museum was founded in 1989.  The waiting room has undergone a multiyear restoration effort and is now restored as much as possible to its original appearance in the early 1900s.  Much of the original equipment went home with employees when the depot was boarded up in the early 1980’s.  That same equipment found its way back after the museum opened.  Display cabinets showcase authentic NP dinnerware used on early and mid 20th century.   The telegraph room has been totally restored.  Even the bathrooms have been restored where present codes allow us.  The adjacent freight room showcases maintenance equipment indigenous to the times.  In addition pump cars and speeders are also displayed.  The Railway Express Agency room, a precursor to Fedex and UPS, still has the original scales and safe.  A working REA delivery truck, 1941 flathead, is parked outside waiting to go on another parade.

The yard includes passenger cars used on the old North Coast Limited along with the 2152 passenger steam train that pulled them.  There are freight cars, showcasing the commodities that they delivered to the area, such as an auto hauler car.  Be sure to peek in and see what kind of autos were delivered.  The last surviving Mann McCann ballast and snow spreader is parked behind the 2152.  A fully restored wooden caboose is parked next to the engine house.  The 1364 is inside that engine house.  Because the 1364 is in a live maintenance shop a docent is required to be present.  Be assured that all the volunteers at the museum are very proud of our work and would not miss a chance to show it off.