Freight Cars

Freight was the backbone of the railroad's revenue.  People in the east needed lumber for buildings, the west wanted manufactured goods.  Freight traffic kept both east and west happy.  The Yakima Valley grew an abundance of food and hay which contributed to the market back east.  Commodities determined type of railroad car used,  grain and coal fit best in hopper cars, hay in box cars, ect.  We have collected various cars that the NP used in our area.  Each car has a story of what it shipped.

Northern Pacific freight train crossing the Natches River between Selah and Yakima, roughly 15 mi NE of the museum. The engine appears to be a 10 wheeler, the tender bearing the number "136?. Yes this got some hopes up. However the 1369, displayed in Pasco, also ran in this area. The wooden bridge was replaced with steel in 1905. The 10 wheelers were distributed very late 90s (the 1364 and 1369 in 1902). Therefore this picture was taken before 1905. picture courtesy of Yakima Valley Museum

Shell Tanker

Drop Bottom Gondola