What is there to see in the Depot Building

A passenger waiting room remodeled as it was in the early twenties.

A ticket office with all the original equipment including a telegrapher office.

Authentic uniforms used by Northern Pacific Railroad employees.

Dinnerware place settings used on the North Coast Limited.

Freight room filled with tools, a hand pump car, velocipede and motorized speeders  used by maintenance crews.

REA room, Before Fedex and UPS there was Railway Express Agency.
(And there is a 1941 REA truck outside the window)

(and more)

What can I view in the yard?  Every one of these cars has its own story!

2152 Passenger locomotive

Mann McCann ballast and snow spreader NP 642

1912 Wooden Caboose NP 1238

Spokane Club first class passenger car and sleeper NP 393

Diner Car (pending arrival)  NP 460

Second Class Passenger Cars NP 581 & 588

Of course not forgetting the 1364 steam locomotive.(and more)