NP #588 was built in 1948 as a 56 Seat Day/Nite Coach. Following the 1953 Raymond Loewy redesign of the North Coast Limited, #588 was one of the first two cars (The other being the #589 located at the Inland Northwest Railway Museum) to be painted in the new two tone green “Loewy” scheme for the North Coast Limited, it served on the train until 1971 when Amtrak took over operations. It was gutted by the Burlington Northern Railroad and was put into maintenance of way service. In 1995 the Northern Pacific Railway Museum acquired it from a private owner being in very poor condition. In 2005 restoration began with the replacement of the old flooring and windows. Due to the car being empty the museum acquired movable chairs from other passenger cars to be used in events such as Toy Train Christmas. Our plans are to repaint the car back into the “Loewy” paint scheme.

NP #588 as it appears today.

NP #588 in the “Loewy” paint scheme.