1941 Ford flathead V8 Railway Express Agency delivery truck in museum yard

Yes this is a 1941 Ford powered by a flathead V8 engine. The railroads would deliver interstate commerce to the local depots and trucks like this would transport the goods to its final destination or pick up and deliver to the depot to be shipped by the railroads. Upon the advent interstate freeways by President Eisenhower in the 50s “18 wheelers” would pickup the commerce from the source, and ship it to the end user bypassing the railroads.

Railway Express Agency 1941 Ford flathead V8 driving in Toppenish WA
1941 Ford Railway Express Agency delivery truck in Toppenish Christmas Parade

The REA truck in a parade in Toppenish.  We won first place.

<–Left: REA truck driving around Toppenish downtown area.

Railway Express Agency 1941 Ford delivery truck with Pump Car in tow

A parade in Yakima where won the most original trophy

Railway Express Agency delivery truck, 1941 Ford V8 flathead engine receiving award in Yakima Parade