Prior to the invention of the steam locomotive, people when they wanted to travel would either walk or use a horse. Even with a horse one could travel 30 miles a day at the max and that would be a long day. But then the railroad changed things. The first passenger cars were freight box cars with wooden seats. George Pullman, after sleeping in a seat on one of the before mentioned cars, got an idea to build a sleeping car that by day would fold up  into seats and by night, into beds. By 1860 the idea caught on and better, more luxurious cars came out so that by the turn of the century they became 5 star luxury hotels on wheels.

The Spokane Club was a half sleeper and a sitting area for the first class passengers.  The rounded end on the back allowed passengers to view in almost a 180 degree panorama.  Because of this it was always the last car on the passenger train.  The car colors were the Loewy scheme where the bottom was painted light green and the top a dark green separated by a thin stripe of white.  The Spokane Club car 393 was built in 1948 but due to the popularity of the automobile was sold to a private owner in 1968.  The new owner was careful to not refurbish and kept alot of the NP equipment, to keep it in an original state.  He however did give it a blue paint job.  It is our desire to return it to its original color, to what it was in the 50s.


NP 394 Montana Club painted in the Lowey paint scheme.  We will in the future time repaint the Spokane Club accordingly.

The Spokane Club in the yard.

Spokane Club in Livingston MT