Engine #2152 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia in March, 1909 at a cost of $15,830.00. As a 4-6-2 light Pacific class Q-3 engine, her initial purpose was to pull the average mainline passenger train of the 1910-20 era. The typical consist was eight to ten wooden passenger cars totaling up to 700 tons over level and moderate terrain. As more powerful locomotives were developed, she was relegated to branch line passenger and freight service as well as helper service in mountainous regions.

Engine #2152 initially served on the east end of the NP line. A sampling of her service record shows her taking passenger trains out of St. Paul in 1925, working on Mandan-Livingston-Glendive schedules in 1939, and carrying vacationers to Yellowstone Park in 1941. She was assigned to local passenger and freight runs out of Spokane and Pasco in the early 1950s and finally stationed in the Auburn roundhouse in 1954. We have no precise record of 2152 in Toppenish, but we have a picture of sister locomotive, #2162, while pulling a passenger train at the Toppenish Depot about 1915.

On January 1, 1956, she was retired after 45 years of service. She was donated to the city of Auburn for a park display to preserve the steam train legacy and honor the many Auburn railroad veterans. However being in a wet environment had the opposite effect engine deteriorated. The Auburn City fathers realized the cost to preserve the 2152 was above their budget and a dryer climate was needed. The Northern Pacific Railway Museum was chosen to be the most worthy organization to receive such a task. In April 2006 ownership of this locomotive was transferred.  Unfortunately if you were left out in the rain for 55 years, how would you look?  This is how we received it from Auburn.  The engine house that was made of wood did not survive the move.  Alot of the running gear such as the number plate, head light, and boiler nameplates have survived and are in storage at the moment.  On the positive side there has been some generous donors which helped us raise enough to start a cosmetic restoration.  As soon as the 1364 is completed the 2152 will be towed into the shop for a new makeover.