45°33’58.70″N 122°11’56.88″W

Railroad Milemark 34.7,

2382 ft long

Built in 1907

west portal

Above: A locomotive emerges westbound for Vancouver

Below: A farm in 1877 before the rails came through. H. A. Hale

Cape Horn along Columbia River Gorge before construction of tunnel, Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway

West Portal: Many thanks to Mike Dannieman for giving permission to use his picture.

A 4-4-0 American travels through the west end of Cape Horn Tunnel (Public Commons). While the tunnel was built in 1907 and 10 wheelers were in common use at this time, it is thought that the American was used for railway construction.

Cape Horn Tunnel near Columbia River Gorge on Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway 1909

Above: The tunnel shortly after completion. The cement abutments would come later.

Left: A farm in 1877 before the tunnel was cut. Look out on the river and look for a pinnacle in the water,to the right is where the tunnel will be built.

Cape Horn Tunnel 1 on Spokane Portland Seattle railway by Columbia River Gorge