This is how we found the 1364 in Mineral, WA, in 1993.  The boiler was still on the frame and drivers, but virtually all the parts were dismantled and stored in cardboard boxes to be left out in the rain.  The best part of this was asbestos had been totally removed.

The bulk of the piping was located in a pile of ferns.  Although a good portion had corroded beyond salvage, most of the parts were usable.  The unusable parts were used as templates to make the new parts.

The cab had been dismantled and stacked. Unfortunately all the wooden pieces had heavy dry rot making only the metal salvageable.  Some of the small pieces were never found.

The larger more valuable parts had been placed in a boxcar.  A few pieces were missing including one of the boiler plates and superheater plate.  Fortunately the other more collectible parts, the headlight, injectors, and hydrostatic lubricator were still there.

The tender was a totally different story. Although it appeared to be in good shape, when it arrived the tank didn’t hold water…….literally. Rust had taken its toll. But now it was heading to a new home, a dry environment and a new interest in restoring history. But the first job was to get the duo to the museum, Toppenish WA.

The 1364 and tender heading to its final home in the dry climate of Toppenish WA