Northern Pacific Freight Train Display

The freight train display will demonstrate the importance of the railroad to commerce and the community.  Each car has been selected to try to tell part of the local history and the importance of the railroad to that history.  By demonstrating the relationship of the car to local commerce we believe that the profound impact of the railroad can be demonstrated.

The 1902 Northern Pacific #1364 steam locomotive was moved to Toppenish in 1994 and the operational restoration is proceeding well.  A 1908 Northern Pacific wooden caboose was donated in 1998.  Freight car acquisition began in 1996 and the following components are on site:  



Item Display Current Status
1902 steam engine NP #1364, on long term lease from the Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma since 1993. The motive power of the steam era See NP #1364
1907 Truss rod boxcar built as NP 33547.  Purchased from the Lewis and Clark Railroad 1999. Alfalfa industry and its importance to early 20th Century transportation (they had to feed the horses) Severe dry rot will require replacement of the body with another box car body as pictured.  Original frame is now a flat car in preparation for new body.
1913 Truss rod center sill boxcar built as NP 22549.  Purchased from the Lewis and Clark Railroad 1999.  Display not yet determined; may be left in Maintenance of Way or restored to demonstrate grain industry Currently being used for storage.  Restoration will not begin until other cars are completed


1931 Ice Refrigeration Car built as NP 90379.  Donated by the Oregon Electric Trolley Assoc. in 1998. Fruit industry; also will demonstrate the ice harvesting and movement for refrigeration Major restoration project; very derelict but restorable
1922(?) 40' Flat Car last numbered NP 207564.  Acquired from the Oregon Electric Trolley Association in 2002. Transportation of open loads.  Will probably place our Advance Steam Tractor on the flat car. Wooden deck has all been replaced.  Frame repainted and awaiting lettering.
1929 Automobile Car built as NP 4753.  Purchased from the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion 2000. Early automobile shipment Good condition; minor repairs and painting  completed.  Needs lettering;  1931 Model A roadster donated for display of loading technique.
1932 External brace wooden boxcar built as NP 20484.  Purchased from the Lewis and Clark Railroad 1999. Transportation of general merchandise Will require extensive rust repairs to steel ends, some wood repair and paint
1923 Shell Oil tank car.  Donated by the Washington State Railroads Historical Society 1996. 1920's petroleum usage (kerosene for lights) New running boards, repairs to damaged end completed.  Tank repainted and lettered in original configuration.
1940 Drop Bottom Gondola built as NP 50409.  Long term lease from the Minnesota Transportation Museum since 2001. Coal as the predominant heating fuel; Local use for farm commodity shipment (sugar beets) Restoration completed April 2007.
1908 Wooden Caboose  built as NP 1065, renumbered NP 1238.  Donated by Nalley's Fine Foods 1998. Tribute to the trainmen Restoration nearly completed with all dry rot areas repaired or replaced. coverted back to letter board style and stencilled.  Interior restoration nearly completed (Sept 2010)

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