NP 460 DINER CAR (formerly Amtrak 8509)

As of May 1 the diner car remains in Beech Grove, Indiana awaiting transport. We expect to see the train by September.

At the beginning of the year we were notified that retired Amtrak diner cars were up for bid.  A delegation went to Beech Grove to view the cars that were for sale.  The Amtrak  8509, formerly NP 460 had a low price as the trucks under the diner were not BNSF certified.  We won the bid and proceeded to get new trucks to bring this diner home.  We had the proper certified trucks on the NP 581 when it was brought to the museum last year, but they needed to be rebuilt before being sent back to Beech Grove to be remounted on the NP 460.  Dennis Lee donated much of his time to make these trucks happen.  By fall we can expect to see our new diner car arrive.  Click here for the latest information.

Below are pictures as we saw it in Beech Grove

Pictures above by Dick Lenoheardt, Jan 27, 2010 at Culpepper VA.